In partnership with communities, health professionals and others, our faculty are leading research teams to generate and translate knowledge on health and wellbeing.

Nursing LABS

The Nursing Research and Knowledge Hub in the School of Nursing at UBC’s Okanagan Campus is a collaborative research space for nursing faculty, students, and partners to design and conduct research that transforms health and health systems. The Hub is an open community that is home to four areas of research excellence.

Despite a vast body of evidence and practical policy solutions, systematic differences in health and health outcomes persist along social gradients—both within and between countries. These differences, or health inequities, are human-caused and unfair.  This research lab focuses on supporting people to develop meaningful ways to align their good equity intentions with the evidence about what causes health inequities.

Primary Affiliated Researcher:

Dr. Barb Pesut

Emerging technologies offer nurses new ways to improve care delivery and transform healthcare in all types of settings. Research in this field includes the development of new technologies, novel applications of existing technologies and the development of health informatics methods to improve healthcare practices, health and workforce outcomes, and offer people ways to monitor and improve their health. Researchers in this group have expertise in user-centered, multi-disciplinary approaches to inquiry, and critical approaches that examine the dynamics of power and relationships between technologies, people and health

Primary Affiliated Researchers:

Dr. Joan Bottorff

Dr. Charlene Ronquillo

Dr. Kathy Rush

dr. Laura Struik


Advancing health equity is the foundation of this research theme. Programs of research focus on advancing equity in research, health and social systems as well as health promotion and health system change with and by Indigenous peoples and diverse communities as partners in decision making to improve health outcomes. Scholars in this theme use various research methods, particularly community-led, integrated knowledge translation and patient/community-oriented research to promote equity and inclusion.

Primary Affiliated Researchers:

dr. Donna Kurtz

Dr. Nelly Oelke

Dr. Katrina Plamondon

Dr. Sana Shahram


Researchers in this theme focus on supporting the health and wellbeing of women, children, and families. Topics addressed in this theme include infant feeding, maternal and child vaccinations, perinatal substance use, sleep health, supportive caregiver-child interactions, and inclusive and safe sport and recreation for children with developmental challenges. Research efforts across these areas aim to foster healthy child development and enhance health and quality of life through improved health service delivery, development of innovative interventions, and bringing the perspectives of diverse families to the forefront.

Primary Affiliated Researchers:

Dr. Elizabeth Keys

Dr. Marie Tarrant

Dr. LisE Olsen

Dr. Carla Hilario

Training Opportunities


School of Nursing faculty members provide opportunities for research training and mentorship within our areas of research excellence.

We welcome inquiries regarding these opportunities. If you are interested in any aspect of post-graduate training within a specific lab, please contact the principal investigator of that lab directly.

School of Nursing faculty members are accepting students interested in completing the course-based or thesis-based stream of the Masters of Science in Nursing, and students interested in completing thesis research in the Interdisciplinary Master’s program. For more information

School of Nursing faculty members are accepting PhD students interested in a doctoral program in Nursing or Interdisciplinary Studies with specific interests in the ongoing programs of research. For more information

Research training at the post-doctoral level within School of Nursing research labs and areas of research excellence is available for trainees with a professional qualification in nursing or doctoral graduates interested in furthering their training in any of the on-going programs of research.

Trainees and health professionals are invited to contact the School of Nursing faculty members directly to discuss opportunities for research internships or practica in their respective research labs.  Our faculty members also welcome inquiries from undergraduate students (in any discipline) wishing to explore research practicum opportunities in our labs.

Our School of Nursing faculty members welcome inquiries from students and trainees from around the world wishing to complete part of their research training in one of our nursing research labs.

Employment Opportunities


There are a variety of types of employment opportunities in ongoing programs of research in each of the School of Nursing Research Labs.

(For eligible UBCO undergraduate and graduate students from any faculty) as advertised on the UBC Okanagan Student Services website.

Positions part-time positions for undergraduate and graduate students are frequently available. Positions are open to qualified students from any faculty. Contact lead investigators directly to inquire about opportunities.

Refer to the UBC Human Resources website for current openings.