Addressing Real-world Problems

Our nursing faculty are conducting research that addresses real-world problems to develop innovative practice-ready solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of people locally, nationally, and around the world.

In partnership with communities, health professionals, academic collaborators, and other stakeholders, we are leading inter-disciplinary research teams to generate and translate knowledge into effective evidence-based practices and programs.

The Nursing Research and Knowledge Hub in the School of Nursing at UBC’s Okanagan Campus is a collaborative research space for nursing faculty, students, and partners to design and conduct research that transforms health and health systems. The Hub is an open community that is home to four areas of research excellence.

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Transitions in Chronic Illness and Palliative Care


In their labs and with their partners, School of Nursing researchers are at the leading edge of designing interventions to support individuals and families across illness trajectories.

Current Research

Rural Health + Nursing Services Innovation

Rural Health

Working together with healthcare professionals and communities, our nursing researchers are leading the development of innovative health and social service solutions to inform policy and system change to address priority health challenges.

Current Research

Community Health, Wellbeing and Equity

Community Health Care

With a depth of experience in working with diverse communities and groups, our nurse researchers are leading community-based research locally and internationally to improve health and wellbeing.

Current Research

Innovations in Nursing and Interprofessional Education for Practice

Innovations in Nursing

Our faculty is at the forefront of innovations in nursing and interprofessional education, and creating learning partnerships with healthcare providers, families, patients, and caregivers to develop knowledge and skills for building better patient-oriented approaches to health care.

Current Research

  • Nursing Education for Practice Scholarship Lab
Training Opportunities

Research Training and Mentorship

School of Nursing faculty members provide opportunities for research training and mentorship within our areas of research excellence.

We welcome inquiries regarding these opportunities. If you are interested in any aspect of post-graduate training within a specific lab, please contact the principal investigator of that lab directly.

Master’s Opportunities: School of Nursing faculty members are accepting students interested in completing the course-based or thesis-based stream of the Masters of Science in Nursing, and students interested in completing thesis research in the Interdisciplinary Master’s program. For more information

PhD Opportunities: School of Nursing faculty members are accepting PhD students interested in a doctoral program in Nursing or Interdisciplinary Studies with specific interests in the ongoing programs of research. For more information

Post-doctoral Opportunities: Research training at the post-doctoral level within School of Nursing research labs and areas of research excellence is available for trainees with a professional qualification in nursing or doctoral graduates interested in furthering their training in any of the on-going programs of research.

Internship and Practicum Research Opportunities: Trainees and health professionals are invited to contact the School of Nursing faculty members directly to discuss opportunities for research internships or practica in their respective research labs.  Our faculty members also welcome inquiries from undergraduate students (in any discipline) wishing to explore research practicum opportunities in our labs.

Visiting Student Opportunities: Our School of Nursing faculty members welcome inquiries from students and trainees from around the world wishing to complete part of their research training in one of our nursing research labs.


Work in Research

There are a variety of types of employment opportunities in ongoing programs of research in each of the School of Nursing Research Labs. These include:

Work study research assistant positions: (For eligible UBCO undergraduate and graduate students from any faculty) as advertised on the UBC Okanagan Student Services website. 

Student research assistant: Positions part-time positions for undergraduate and graduate students are frequently available. Positions are open to qualified students from any faculty. Contact lead investigators directly to inquire about opportunities.

Research related positions: Refer to the UBC Human Resources website for current openings.