Promoting Child and Family Health Lab

Lead Investigator Dr. Lise Olsen

The focus of research in this lab is promoting healthy and safe child development within a family and community context. Focus areas include child injury prevention, promotion of physical activity for children and families, and understanding the experiences of parents who have a child living with a chronic condition or disability. A main focus is on the needs of families who have a child living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are aiming to learn how families can be better supported to promote their children’s health through safe and active physical activities.

Current projects include a community-based study to develop an understanding of parent experiences, community supports and barriers for safe active play for families with a child with ASD living in Okanagan, BC.  Another current project addresses the factors that help or hinder bike riding for children with ASD who took part in a bike riding training program.


  • Kathy Rush (Nursing, UBCO), Dr. Rachelle Hole (Social Work, UBCO), Dr. Elizabeth Anderson (Nursing, UBCO), Dr. Alison McManus (Health and Exercise Science, UBCO)
  • Ian Pike (Medicine, UBC)
  • Stephanie Jull (Canucks Autism Network)
  • Guifre Calderer (Starbright Children’s Development Centre)
  • Vicki Cairns (Autism Okanagan)

Current students/trainees:

  • Crystal Gustafson, MSN student
  • Erin McFee, MSN student
  • Melina Kerrivan, MSN student
  • Nichole Davies, BSN student