Health Promotion and E-health Co-design and Evaluation Lab

Lead Investigator Dr. Joan L. Bottorff

In this research lab, we translate research findings into innovative solutions to promote health and prevent chronic disease. Working in collaboration with community partners, we study user preferences and needs and engage users in the co-design of gender-sensitive and gender-specific approaches to support health. Targeted health behaviours include smoking, physical activity, healthy eating, and mental wellness. Populations of interest are youth, young adults/adults, and Indigenous people.

Ongoing research includes: a) evaluating novel community-based programs to support men’s health and smoking cessation; b) enhancing the effectiveness of COPD care with gender-specific risk communication, shared decision making and tailored smoking cessation support; c) supporting tobacco and wellness programming for Indigenous women, and d) engaging students as co-researchers to identify ways to enhance wellbeing and resilience in our campus community.


  • John L. Oliffe (Nursing, UBCV), Ms. Casey Hamilton (Campus Health, UBCO) Ms. Lauren Airth (Campus Health, UBCO)
  • Dr. Steve Johnson (Athabasca University)
  • Dr. Cristina Caperchione (University of Technology, Australia)
  • Dr. Carole James and Dr. Mitch Duncan (University of Newcastle, Australia)
  • Mohsen Sadatsafavi (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBCV)
  • First Nations Health
  • Interior Health
  • Legacy for Airway Health, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

Current students/trainees:

  • Dr. Fernanda Novoa, MA student (UBCO CESCE program)
  • Ms. Meaghan Hagerty, PhD student (UBCO CESCE program)

Project Websites: