Our Vision & Programs

To promote health and advance equity through nursing leadership.

Our mission is to create an inclusive education, research and practice culture that inspires inquiry, collaboration and innovation.

Values & Beliefs

The philosophy of the School of Nursing is derived from a synthesis of shared values and beliefs that are reflected in the following statements:

We value professionalism.
The School embodies a philosophy of professionalism in every word and action.

We value compassion.
The School promotes an empathetic culture that supports an understanding of diverse perspectives.

We value person-centred care.
The school places person-centred care at its foundation for all aspects of our teaching, learning, research and partnerships.

We value social justice.
As a school, we value continuous efforts to eliminate health inequities.

We value diversity.
The School values ethical care that promotes cultural safety and inclusion.

We value critical inquiry.
The School drives the advancement of health knowledge and scholarship to advance innovation in nursing and healthcare.

Our Programs

As a nursing student, you will experience an intimate, student-centred classroom environment. Our courses focus on giving you excellent nursing skills but also provide you with an understanding of both the nurse’s and the health care system’s role as promoters of health within the society.