Youth Health Promotion and Cancer Prevention Lab

Lead Investigator Dr. Laura Struik

This lab aims to generate evidence, and develop and test novel solutions to address health risk behaviors among youth and young adults (YYA), particularly as it relates to nicotine product use. Traditional approaches to YYA health promotion in this area have lacked complexity, do not address underlying factors contributing to the behavior, and are often void of youth voices, contributing to an ongoing and ever-evolving public health issue. Through work in this lab, and with strong national and international partnerships, we will push the boundaries of traditional approaches, incorporating youth culture, youth voices, and digital technologies to leverage the potential impact of behavior change interventions. A series of research projects are currently underway that aim to modernize approaches to tobacco use for the next millennium.


  • Dr. Shelly Ben-David, UBCO Social Work
  • Dr. Sarah Dow-Fleisner, UBCO Social Work
  • Dr. Khalad Hasan, UBCO Computer Science
  • Dr. Joan Bottorff, UBCO Nursing
  • Robert Janke, UBCO Library
  • Dr. Rebecca Haines-Saah, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Erin O’Loughlin, Concordia University/University of Toronto
  • Dr. Jennifer O’Loughlin, University of Montreal
  • Dr. Chris Carlsten, Dr. Erin Shellington, Legacy for Airway Health
  • Jennifer Callaghan and Sheila Matano, British Columbia Lung Association
  • Annie Smith, McCreary Centre
  • Saige Werstuik and Alyssa Sundstrom, Westbank First Nation
  • Jared Dennis, Interior Health
  • Dr. Stephanie Coen, University of Nottingham, U.K.

Current students:

  • Ramona Sharma (MSW UBCO School of Social Work), Research Coordinator