Frequently Asked Questions


Program Information

There are three courses that include an on-campus session at UBC Okanagan, which are offered in May each year. Your Full-Time or Part-Time status will determine whether you take one or two of these courses.
All other courses are offered online, which include scheduled, mandatory synchronous discussions. The number of synchronous discussions vary by course.

You may choose to study full or part-time. It is important to consider carefully your other commitments outside of school in determining whether you register full-time or part-time. Generally, a full-time student takes three courses (9 credits) per term. UBC Okanagan is on a three term schedule so this would be approximately 9 courses per year.
You have five years to complete the degree. However, students are encouraged to complete the program in approximately three years.

You must have dedicated access to a computer using Windows 7 or Mac OS X operating systems at a minimum along with a high-speed internet connection. This course will make use of synchronous activities where everyone takes part at the same time so a set of headphones with attached microphone that is compatible with their computer system is also required. Software requirements include FireFox, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java Runtime and Microsoft Office.

More information on technology requirements.

If you choose the thesis you will be conducting research to answer a question; whereas, for a capstone project you will be using existing evidence (research) to answer or address a question (e.g., quality improvement project, selected review of the literature, concept analysis). The thesis is a 12 credit endeavor while the capstone project is 6 credits.
We are part of the Western Dean’s Agreement, which means that if you have taken courses at another western university it is likely they will be transferable; however, each situation is unique and transferability is determined on a case-by-case basis through review of the course(s). Please see the Academic Calendar for the College of Graduate Studies’ policy on transfer credit.


Application Process

Assessment will be based on grades, your references, your proposed plan of study, and your letter of intent.
Out of school for <10 years: 2 academic references and 1 practice reference
Out of school for 10-15 years: 1 academic reference and 2 references from practice
Out of school for >15 years: 3 references from practice
If you choose a research stream you will be completing a thesis. If you do a course-based stream you will complete a capstone project. If you change your mind from course-based to thesis, you will need to make this decision very early in the program as course requirements differ for course-based and research-based streams.

This information is asked for as a guide in terms of course planning, however, we understand that your ideas may not yet be clear or may change over time. You will be able to modify your program of study over time.
You will need to choose from the following focus areas: education, leadership/management, or advanced practice. The advanced practice focus area is still under development. You may choose a single focus or you may choose courses from more than one of the focus areas.
This will be determined in consultation with a course advisor.


Registration & Fees

Students will need to register in a NRSG 599 section in each session until finished.
You may be permitted to register in a nursing course in the MSN program as an unclassified student but this will be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Graduate Program Coordinator.

You may pay on a Full or Part-Time payment schedule. All graduate students are automatically assessed fees according to a Full-Time schedule, and are required to pay fees continuously until graduation. The cost of the program is equivalent regardless of which payment plan you choose. Please be aware that if you choose the part-time plan you are not eligible for most scholarships.

Students who choose the Part-Time payment schedule must obtain approval of the Graduate Coordinator and complete the Tuition Schedule “B” Form before the first tuition payment is due. Part-Time status cannot be reversed once processed.

Unlike Undergraduate Programs, Full and Part-Time Graduate student designation is determined by the tuition payment schedule, not by the number of courses registered. However, if you begin the program registering in a part-time course load with a part-time payment schedule, you are still able to register in a full-time course load in the future. Only the payment plan stays the same.

Please see the Academic Calendar for more fee information.

International students are able to pay their tuition by credit card; domestic students are unable to use this payment method.