Graduate Program Coordinator

ART 150
phone: 2508079561

Aging Across Health Care and Geographic Contexts

My program of research seeks to enhance the health and well-being of older adults with complex health challenges, across healthcare and geographic contexts.  It studies health services and transitions in care for older adults with cardiac conditions (e.g., atrial fibrillation) and has a special interest in the application of perspectives of risk. Emphasis is on designing innovative approaches in bringing services close to home for older adults and supporting their self-management. Current projects are looking at virtual healthcare delivery (e.g., telehealth) for rural older adults with cardiac conditions (e.g., Atrial Fibrillation), AF prevalence and risk factor identification in Western Province, Zambia, and the role of rural citizen led coalitions in meeting the complex healthcare needs of older adults.

New Graduate Transition

My research includes studying new graduate (NG) transition and programs and interventions to promote transition and currently involves an international collaboration.

Research Lab: Aging and Health Lab


I teach in both undergraduate and graduate programs.  Currently I am teaching undergraduate research and graduate leadership.  I am graduate program coordinator for the School of Nursing.


Visit Dr. Rush’s graduate students’ Theses & Dissertations for examples of graduate student research.


Selected Publications (Past 5 Years):

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