Non-Degree Programs

Our micro-credentials are stand-alone, short-duration learning programs designed to meet the needs of our healthcare system.

Health Assessment for Primary Care Nursing

This micro-credential program will assist nurses in advancing their assessment skills by developing a systematic process for assessing physical, mental and functional aspects of patient health and improving their expertise in data collection and diagnostic formulation. Learners will develop clinical reasoning and decision-making to assess clients accurately, inform nursing diagnoses, and develop comprehensive care plans for health challenges commonly seen in a primary healthcare setting across the lifespan.

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Foundations for a Restorative Approach: Health Care Harm and Wellbeing

This course addresses the impact of harm on health and well-being. In British Columbia, health care organizations recognize the need to explore a restorative and relational approach, essential for ongoing transformation.

The course delves into this principle-based method, grounded in relational principles, fostering healing and well-being. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding, analyzing systemic patterns affecting harm and well-being. Through active engagement, participants will apply the restorative approach to identify opportunities, analyze issues, and design principle-based strategies tailored to their context.

This course is vital for health care professionals seeking transformative solutions, aligning with evolving priorities and contributing to the reimagining and enhancement of health care systems. With a dynamic curriculum and practical application, this course is a strategic investment in the professional development of health care leaders committed to positive change.

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