Kathy Rush


School of Nursing
Other Titles: Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: ART150
Office Hours: Upon Request
Phone: 250.807.9561
Email: kathy.rush@ubc.ca

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

atrial fibrillation; rural cardiac service delivery; rural health equity, telehealth; aging; new graduate nurse transition

Courses & Teaching

NRSG 542: Introduction to Leadership and Management


I practiced in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and critical care before moving into nursing education, where I have spent most of my nursing career.  Prior to joining UBC Okanagan in 2006, I held academic positions at the University of South Carolina Upstate and the University of New Brunswick.


Research Website

RHE-SETS (Rural Health Equity – Social Enterprise & Technology Synergies):  https://ruralhealthequity.com/




PhD Georgia State University
MSc Queens University
BSN University of New Brunswick

Research Interests & Projects

UBC Eminence Program: Rural Health Equity through Social Enterprise and Technology Synergies (RHE-SETS), 2019-2022

BC Support Unit: Understanding the Meaning, Value, and use of Patient-Reported Data for Personal Health Records within a Primary Care Network in Rural BC, 2019-2021

Canadian Institutes of Health Research: The Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Clinic:  Improving Specialty Care Delivery in Rural Communities, 2016-2023





Selected Publications & Presentations

Selected Publications (Past 5 Years)

Rush, K.L., Singh, S., Seaton, C., Burton, L., Li, E., Jones, C., Davis, J., Hasan, K., Kern, B., Janke, R. (Published online 08 OCT 2021). Telehealth use for enhancing health of rural older adults: A systematic mixed studies review.  The Gerontologist.

Salmasi, S., De Vera, M., Safari, A., Lynd, L., Koehoorn, M., Barry, A., Andrade, J., Deyell, M., Rush, K. L., Zhao, Y., Loewn, P. (Accepted 29 SEPT 2021). Longitudinal oral anticoagulant adherence trajectories in patients with atrial fibrillation.  Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Rush, K.L., Seaton, C., Li, E., Oelke, N.D., Pesut, B. (Apr-Jun 2021). Use of rural health services and telemedicine during COVID-19:  The role of access and eHealth Literacy.  Health Informatics Journal, 27(2), 14604582211020064.

Wilson, R., Rush, K.L., Reid, C., LaBerge, C. (Online Ahead of PrintMar 2021). Gender and the Symptom Experience before an Atrial Fibrillation Diagnosis. Western Journal of Nursing Research.

Wilton, S., Kaul, P., Islam, S., Atzema, C., Cruz, J., MacFarlane, K., McKelvie, R., Poon, S., Lambert, L., Rush, K.L., Deyell, M., Wyse, D.G., Cox, J, Skanes, A., Sandhu, R. (2021). Surveillance for outcomes selected as atrial fibrillation quality indicators in Canada:  10-year trends in stroke, major bleeding, and heart failure. Canadian Journal of Cardiology Open, 3(5), 609-618.

Rush, K.L., Burton, B., Smith, M., Singh, S., Schaab, K., Gorges, M., Janke, R., Currie, L. (2021). News article portrayal of virtual care for Canadian healthcare delivery in the first seven months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine Reports, 2.1, 1-10.

Gorges, M., Rush, K.L., Burton, L., Mattei, M., Davis, S., Scott, H., Smith, H., Currie, L. (2021). Preferred functions of personal health records in rural primary health clinics in Canada – provider perspectives. Applied Clinical Informatics, 12(1), 41-48.

Wilson, R., Rush, K.L., Hatt, L., Reid, C., Laberge, C. (2021). The symptom experience of early and late treatment seekers before an atrial fibrillation diagnosis.  European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 20(3), 231-242.

Rush, K.L., Burton, L., Olivier, R., Wilson, R., Janke, R., Loewen, P., Schaab, K., Lukey, A., Galloway, C. (2020).  Transitions in atrial fibrillation care: A systematic mixed studies review. Heart, Lung, and Circulation, 29(7), 1000-1014.

Wilson, R., Rush, K. L., Hatt, L., Reid, R. C, & Laberge, C. G. (2020). The symptom experience of patients with atrial fibrillation before their initial diagnosis. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 35(4), 347-357.

Rush, K.L., Burton, L., van der Merwe, F., Hatt, L., Galloway, C. (2019). Atrial fibrillation care in rural communities: A mixed methods study of physician and patient perspectives. BMC Family Practice, 20: 144.

Sandhu, R.K., Wilton, S., Cruz, J, Atzema, C., MacFarlane, K., McKelvie, R., Lambert, L., Rush, K.L., Zimmerman, R., Lefebvre, D., Oakes, G., R., Deyell, M., Wyse, G., Cox, J., Skanes, A.  (2019). An update on the development and feasibility assessment of Canadian quality indicators for atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. Canadian Journal of Cardiology Open, 1(4), 198-205.

Rush, K.L., Burton, L., Schaab, K., Lukey, A. (2019). The impact of nurse-led atrial fibrillation clinics on healthcare and patient outcomes: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 18(7), 526-533

Rush, K.L., Hatt, L., Gorman, N., Janicki, L., Polasek, P., & Shay, M. (2019). Planning telehealth for older adults with atrial fibrillation in rural communities: Understanding stakeholder perspectives. Clinical Nursing Research, 28(2), 130-149.

Rush, K.L., Howlett, L., Munro, A., Burton, L. (2018). Videoconference compared to telephone in healthcare delivery:  A Systematic Review. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 118, 44-53.

Rush, K.L., Hatt, L., Janke, R., Burton, L., Ferrier, M., Tetrault, M. (2018). The efficacy of telehealth delivered educational approaches for patients with chronic diseases:  A Systematic Review. Patient Education and Counseling, 101(8), 1310-1321.

Rush, K.L., Hatt, L., Shay, M., Gorman, N., Laberge, C., Reid, C., & Wilson, R. (2017). The stressors and coping strategies of older adults with persistent atrial fibrillation prior to and following direct current cardioversion. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 36(9), 1145-1165.

Rush, K.L., Oelke, N.D., Shay, M., & Pedersen, C. (2017). Seeing the rural healthcare journeys of older adults with atrial fibrillation through a photographic lens. Chronic Illness, 17(3), 204-216.

Selected Grants & Awards

Excellence in Advancing Nursing Knowledge & Research Award, Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (ARNBC), 2017

Award of Excellence in Nursing Education, College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, 2014


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