Associate Dean – Professional Practice & Engagement, Faculty Health & Social Development
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Manuela Reekie is the Assistant Director for the School of Nursing and the Associate Dean for the Faculty of Health and Social Development. As a tenured Senior Instructor, Manuela holds a BSc. Biology from the University of Victoria, BSN from UBC, and MN from the University of Calgary. She has clinical background experience in Pediatric nursing with a focus on neurosciences, oncology and palliative care. Her current focus is on educational leadership – working with mentoring faculty, supporting students, and curriculum development.

Manuela has taught across all four years of the BSN program. She has also taught at the Graduate level. In the classroom setting Manuela has taught in several areas including: teaching and learning, families in health and illness, leadership, relational practice, professional practice and child health. Most recently Manuela developed the curriculum and taught NRSG 310: Palliative Approach to Chronic Illness. Manuela has also taught in the foundational clinical practice setting and supervised students in the preceptorship model.


Master of Nursing, University of Calgary – 2000

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of British Columbia – 1992

Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Victoria – 1987


UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll 2013/2014
UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll 2011/2012
UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll 2010/2011
UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll 2009/2010
UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll 2008/2009
University of Calgary Student’s Union 2005/2006 Teaching Excellence Award Honourable Mention


Teaching Philosophy

Foundational to Manuela’s teaching philosophy are contemporary pedagogies that require learners to be active participants, that recognize the importance of the interpersonal connections between teacher, student, and the material that is covered, and that nurture and create a learning environment where teachers act as facilitators of learning rather than gatekeepers of knowledge. The notion that learning is life-long, and where the focus of teaching is on the journey rather than on the destination.

“Each nurse educator’s pedagogy underpins their understanding of and approach to teaching and learning, regardless of whether this has been reflected upon or articulated.”

~Horsfall, Cleary, and Glenn, (2011, p.930)

Educational Leadership Underpinnings

Foundational to how Manuela embraces the role of educational leadership are the weaving together of the following concepts:
a) Mentorship:
• The belief that leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders.
• The belief that mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.
• The notion that mentoring enhances professionalism.
• Where the roles of mentoring include personal and emotional guidance, coaching, advocacy, career development, role modelling, strategies and systems advice, learning facilitation and friendship.

b) Adopting a Relational Stance:
• The belief that the concepts of caring, compassion, mindfulness and empathy are all cornerstones of educational leadership.
• The shifting from the stance of being an ‘expert’, to one of being an ‘exemplar’.
• The notion of “situating” ourselves in relation to others implies intentional or thoughtful choosing.

c) Transformational Leadership:
• A style of leadership that involves offering support and encouragement, encourages followers to explore new ways of doing things and new opportunities to learn, serves as a role model, and has a clear vision that they are able to articulate to their followers.



Formal Leadership

Associate Dean – Professional Practice & Engagement (FHSD) – September 2019 – Present

Acting Associate Dean – Professional Practice & Engagement (FHSD) – September 2018 – September 2019

Acting Associate Director – Undergraduate BSN program – July 2014 – October 2016

Assistant Director – Undergraduate BSN program – July 2013 – July 2014 / October 2016 – September 2018 / September 2019 – Present

Current Educational Leadership & Service

BSN Undergraduate Admissions & Progression Committee – member

BSN Undergraduate Curriculum Committee – member

BSN Undergraduate Comprehensive Practice Committee – member

FHSD Curriculum Committee – member

FHSD Student Academic Success Committee – member

FHSD Grade Appeal Committee – Chair

UBC Okanagan Senate – member

UBC Okanagan Senate Curriculum Committee – member

UBC Okanagan Student Academic Success Committee – Chair

UBC Okanagan Health Council Review Committee – member

UBC Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) Student Process and Outcomes Committee – member




Manuela has been involved in graduate supervision for major papers and capstone projects.


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