Ethical Interventions for Vulnerable Populations Lab

Homeless woman sitting on the street in the cold. A kind male offers her a hot drink from a flask.

Lead Investigator – Dr.Darlene Taylor

Description: The priority for this lab is to examine ethical issues that health care providers encounter when delivering care to individuals who misuse substances and who experience homelessness.  This disenfranchised population is particularly vulnerable to power imbalances that can result in manipulation and coercion when accessing health care. Our goal is to have an impact on social injustices at the individual and population level.  We work in partnership with key stakeholders, policy makers, and community members who provide service to this population.

 Current research focuses on assessing capacity to consent for health care and research among individuals who misuse substances and who are further marginalized by homelessness.  We have developed and validated a psychometric instrument (CAIPS) to assess capacity to consent for health care.  Further research will be focused on evaluating the CAIPS in different contexts.


  • Jane Buxton (University of British Columbia)
  • Gina Ogilvie (University of British Columbia)
  • Louise Masse (University of British Columbia)
  • Anita Ho (University of British Columbia)


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