Creativity and Innovation in Nursing Education Research Lab

Creativity and Innovation

Lead Investigator Dr. Elizabeth Andersen

The focus of research in this lab is on creative and innovative teaching practices aimed at developing nursing students’ knowledge and skills that translate into patient-oriented approaches to health care. We strive for excellence in nursing education and work collaboratively to study learning environments, student experiences, and diverse teaching and learning approaches. Current projects are:

  • A longitudinal study designed to measure knowledge, skills, and perceptions of confidence of undergraduate nursing students in biosciences, pre and post curriculum changes. This research is an important step in measuring quality improvement.
  • Constructing a questionnaire to measure changes in student reflection. This questionnaire will be potentially useful for evaluating the effect of changes in teaching context, methods, or practices, on nursing students’ reflective capacities and intentions to participate in reflective discussions. At present, there are no instruments designed specifically for this purpose.
  • A study designed to explore the effectiveness of a teaching intervention aimed at enhancing undergraduate nursing students’ capacities and intent to generate ideas during reflective, debriefing discussions facilitated by their clinical nursing instructors.

Research collaborators:

 Current students:

  • Monique Karlstom, MSN student
  • Manu Gill, MSN student
  • Maggie Bannerman, MSN student