Associate Director
Senior Instructor (tenured)

ART 360
phone: 2508079975


Acute Care Nursing:
Worked in acute care nursing in Kelowna General Hospital for 20 years. Early practice included nursing in the areas of emergency, intensive care, and acute abdominal thoracic surgical nursing. Later years included nursing in the areas of paediatrics, palliative care, and oncology.

Nursing Education:
In the early years, involvement with nursing students included preceptoring and mentoring of new graduates. Increasing passion for nursing education included involvement in accreditation, policy development, program development, staff education, and community curriculum representative.  Began teaching nursing in 1997.  Teaching responsibilities have included a variety of theory courses, clinical teaching, and clinical supervision. Service has included curriculum, mentorship, leadership, and administrative duties. Scholarship has been in both pedagogy and curriculum.


Masters in Nursing – University of Dundee
Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Okanagan University College
Diploma in Nursing – Okanagan College


Teaching Honor Roll UBC Okanagan – 2010


Program Evaluation Plan of the Revised BSN Curriculum
Sept 2014 – 2021
Role: Principal Investigator
A team from the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) and Okanagan College (OC) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program together developed a Program Evaluation Plan. The purpose of the Program Evaluation Plan is to articulate and direct curriculum evaluation for the implementation of the BSN Integrative Curriculum. The goal of the Program Evaluation Plan is to systematically gather comparative and informative data on process, outcome, and impact data of the revised BSN program in order to inform quality improvement and curriculum changes.

BSN Curriculum Implementation
2014 – 2021
Role: Lead
The phasing in of the new Integrative curriculum occurred Sept 2015.

BSN Curriculum Revisions
Sept 2013 – Dec 2014
Role: Lead
This was a major endeavour that was multi-dimensional. The work included community and faculty engagement, as well as dissemination. We strived to be inclusive inviting all voices to the process. The community partners and both UBCO and OC Schools of Nursing are excited and on board with the changes.

Curriculum Review for School of Nursing
Jan 2013 – Sept 2013
Role: Co-Lead
This review included co-leading a visioning day, conducting an environmental scan and disseminating the findings to the steering committee, community partners, and faculty. The co-leads reported to Curriculum Steering committee for advice. Environmental scan included myself conducting site visits to 5 Leading American Schools of Nursing – June 2013

SmartNursing (adapted from SMARTinEducationTM)
June 2014 – ongoing
Role: Facilitator as UG Curriculum Chair
SMARTinEducationTM (SMART) is an evidence-based mindfulness program for educators with a strong emphasis on the cultivation of mindfulness. SMART is designed to optimize learner’s performance and increase well-being. Program evaluation data will be collected and a research study is currently underway by others.

Pilot Clinical Group for Peer Teaching & Learning
Sept 2014 – ongoing
Role: Facilitator and Co-Investigator
As we developed the new curriculum several members of the School of Nursing had discussed the notion of mixed year clinical groups.  Evaluation data has been collected from staff, teachers, and students. The findings support adopting this approach within the revised curriculum.

ENIPP Project
Role: Co-PI & PI
Educating Nurses for Interprofessional Practice (ENIPP) was a project aimed at integrating interprofessional competencies into the four year nursing program. This project had an internal Teaching & Innovation Learning Grant of $9,000. The project was successful in implementation of learning activities in years one and two that involve students learning about the Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships of various health care disciplines with the goal of students’ gaining interprofessional competencies. The project has been presented at a several conferences.


Undergraduate – I have been a faculty member at the School of Nursing since 1997.  I have taught in all years of the four-year program.  I have taught in the classroom, lab, and various clinical practice courses.  My substantive teaching areas have included surgical, pediatrics, oncology, palliatiave care, and professional practice.

Graduate – I have served on several graduate student’s major paper committees.  I have also had the privilege of preceptoring two nursing graduate students in classroom and clinical teaching.

Courses Taught at UBC
NRSG 112 – Professional Practice I
NRSG 114 – Nursing Practice I – Introduction to Nursing Practice
NRSG 122 – Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing
NRSG 124 – Nursing Practice II – Coming to Know the Client
NRSG 211 – Health and Healing III
NRSG 214 – Nursing Practice
NRSG 221 – Health and Healing IV
NRSG 224 – Nursing Practice
NRSG 230 – Consolidated Practice Experience II
NRSG 314 – Nursing Practice V: Promoting Health and Healing
NRSG 317 – Health and Healing V: Complex Health Challenges/Healing Initiatives
NRSG 330 – Consolidated Practice Experience III
NRSG 424 – Nursing Practice VIII
NRSG 430 – Consolidated Practice Experience V

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