Associate Professor of Teaching

ART 146
phone: 2508079617


The teaching that I have had opportunity to provide has centered around pediatrics and professional practice. My overall goal in these areas is to encourage/facilitate learner engagement and critical thinking. I work each day to improve upon the interactions between myself and students and their engagement and excitement of the content being addressed. I incorporate research into each of my classes and utilize a variety of tools in order to address the content being discussed to work towards meeting the learning outcomes and the needs/desires of all students. I have presented to peers from across Canada and the US on the concept of the Flipped Classroom and engage in discussions with my peers on a regular basis to further my understanding of how to create a respectful, interesting and challenging classroom environment.


MSN, University of British Columbia Okanagan
BScN, Okanagan University College
Canadian Certified Nurse Educator


UBC Teaching Honour Roll 2014
UBC Teaching Honour Roll 2016


Pediatrics is my area of expertise. I teach in both the classroom and clinical setting. I also teach professional practice and have supervised clinical/preceptorships in first and second years.
I have worked with a team of 3rd year instructors to improve upon classroom content delivery and engagement so that students are able to better carry through what they learn in the classroom and apply it in the clinical setting.
Courses Taught
NRSG 112 – Professional Practice I: Introduction to the Profession of Nursing
NRSG 122 – Professional Practice II
NRSG 124 – Nursing Practice II: Residential
NRSG 130 – Consolidated Practice Experience I
NRSG 140 – LPN Access
NRSG 230 – Consolidated Practice Experience II
NRSG 339 – Child Health Clinical Practice
NRSG 329 – Child Health Theory


I am the team leader for year 1 of the program as well as for the Maternity/child Health specialty semester in year 3.
I am chair of the Evaluation Committee for the School of Nursing. This committee works on obtaining feedback from students and faculty in order to consistently improve upon the curriculum and ensure it remains current and relevant.The Evaluation Committee is responsible for planning, executing, and reporting on the program evaluation needs of the UBC Okanagan School of Nursing undergraduate curriculum.
I continue to work with colleagues to improve upon classroom content delivery so that students are able to better carry through what they learn in the classroom and apply it in the clinical setting. The flipped classroom approach is an area that we have been exploring as a method to improve upon student engagement and excitement in the content being delivered. We presented our work at the Centre for Teaching and Learning Annual Conference and at an international nurse educators conference held by the Oklahoma Nurses Association in June 2016.
I have worked with a team of UBC Okanagan Nursing faculty to ensure that practice appraisal forms are an effective, measurable and realistic form of evolution that appropriately reflects what the students are learning and able to do in each year of our nursing program.


Year III Maternity/child Health Team Leader (Specialty nursing semester), BSN Program, UBC Okanagan, July 2015-present

Evaluation Committee Chair, BSN Program, UBC Okanagan, July 2015-July 2017

Year 1 Team lead July 2019-present


I am available to supervise graduate students including MSN thesis and non-thesis.