Associate Professor of Teaching

ART 178
phone: 2508078854


I am a Tenured Senior Instructor and my areas of special interest include Spirituality, Mindfulness, Relational Practice, Cultural Safety, Aboriginal Health, and Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice. I have been recognized on the Teaching Honour Roll at UBC Okanagan twice.  I am a Licensed Minister through the Centres for Spiritual Living and I draw upon this training and education to enhance my role as a teacher and leader in the School of Nursing. I use my extensive experience as a nurse and leader in the healthcare system to provide context and examples for my students. I have taught across all 4 years of our Undergraduate Curriculum and often guest lecture on topics of Spirituality, Mindfulness, Meditation, Interprofessional Practice, and Classroom Management.


Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Minister – 2014
MHScN Nursing, Deakin University – 2007
BScN Nursing, University of Alberta – 1990


UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll 2007-2008, 2008-2009


Scholarship of Teaching:
My scholarship of teaching focuses on 3 streams:

1. Spirituality, Mindfulness, Caring Practice and Conscious Choice
2. Aboriginal Initiatives
3. Educating Nurses in Interprofessional practice


Research Grants:

  • UBC Okanagan Aboriginal Initiatives Fund Connecting Nursing Students: A Journey for Success (C), $7,338 2011/12 PI Donna Kurtz,  Co-I Jeanette Vinek
  • UBCO FHSD Teaching and Innovation Learning Grant Embracing Cultural Safety Education with the University of British Columbia Okanagan Valley (C) $10,000,  2011/13 PI Donna Kurtz, Co-I Jeanette Vinek, J. Nyberg, D. Sookraj, G. Jones
  • UBCO FHSD Teaching and Innovation Learning Grant Educating Nurses for Interprofessional Practice (C) $9,000,  2012/13 PI Jeanette Vinek, Co-Investigators Sheila Epp, D. McCullough, N. Murdoch, C. Strumpel.  2013/14 PI Natalie Murdoch, Co-I Jeanette Vinek, Sheila Epp.
  • Impact Foundation (NC) $18, 500, 2015. Implementation and Efficacy Evaluation of smartEducation.  PI Mary Jung, Co-I Jeanette Vinek


Warelow, P., Edward, K., Vinek, J. (2008). Care: What nurses say and what nurses do. Holistic Nursing Practice. 22(3). 146-153

Pesut, B., Crockett, C., Vinek, J. (2014). Spiritual Health. In Potter/Perry, Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, (5th ed.). B. Astle, W. Duggleby (Eds.).