Associate Professor of Teaching
Assistant Director

ART 342
phone: 2508079822

MSN Nursing, University of British Columbia – 2012
Neonatal Specialty Nursing training Nursing, British Columbia Institute of Technology -2004
BSN Nursing, University of British Columbia – 2004
General Arts and Science, Simon Fraser University – 2002


My teaching philosophy is congruent with the social learning theories that describe learners as ‘active constructors of their own knowledge.’ [1]In both the classroom and clinical setting I attempt to get students engaged in learning activities. I aim to maintain a classroom environment that allows students to feel safe and respected; this is evident in my student teaching evaluation questionnaires. I aim to be a dynamic teacher; I bring enthusiasm for learning into both the classroom and the clinical setting.

In the first two years of my tenure track I have worked across all four years of the program. I teach in the clinical practice setting as well as the classroom. In the classroom I have taught in several areas including: maternal-child health, professional practice, relational practice and global health. In clinical practice I have taught at numerous hospitals throughout British Columbia on a variety of different maternal-child units. In March and April of 2014 and 2015 I also supervised 4th year nursing students in Mongu, Zambia at a referral hospital (i.e. a general hospital) as well as rural community clinics. The decision to teach internationally came from my commitment to social justice health.

Prior to taking this Instructor I tenure track position, I worked on a large research project as a graduate research assistant on a study that looked at access to health care for populations that are socially and economically marginalized. This opportunity shaped my teaching, as I have maintained a commitment to educating future nurses around the issues that prevent many people from receiving quality healthcare.

[1]  Reference: Grealish, L., & Rance, K. (2009). An exploratory study of first year nursing students’ learning in the clinical workplace. Contemporary Nurse, 33(1).  80-92. P. 89

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