Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

ART 154
phone: 2508079511


Dr. Taylor is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing. She has expertise in psychometric instrument development, epidemiology, systematic reviews and applied research related to ethical health care delivery for individuals who experience homelessness and substance use.


PhD, University of British Columbia
MSc, University of British Columbia
BSN, University of Victoria
Diploma Nursing, Ryerson University


University Graduate Entrance Scholarship, University of British Columbia
Western Research Training Centre, University of British Columbia


Dr. Taylor’s current research focuses on the ethical delivery of health care to individuals who experience homelessness and substance use. She has developed a psychometric instrument to assist nurses with assessing capacity to consent for health care among this important vulnerable population. She has conducted several systematic reviews related to sexual health interventions and has been a co-investigator on research teams aimed at evaluating new public health interventions that improve detection, treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV. She teaches courses in community practice and fundamental s of nursing.

Research Lab: Ethical Interventions for Vulnerable Populations Lab

Individuals who experience homelessness and substance use
Population Health
Individuals who are vulnerable to acquiring HIV, particularly men who have sex with men 
Psychometric assessment of capacity to consent
Systematic Reviews
Analysis of stored blood samples to detect acute and recent HIV infections  
Capacity to Consent for health care
mHealth interventions
STI Prevention interventions
Self-sampling to detect STIs
HIV window periods
Repeat STIs and co-infections
Acute and recent HIV infections




BC Centre for Disease Control
Women’s Health Research Institute

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Dr. Taylor is available to supervise graduate students including MSN thesis and no-thesis and IGS Master’s and PhD.

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