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Carole Robinson PhD is a Professor Emeritus in Nursing. She is an advanced practice nurse in Family Systems Nursing and Pain and Symptom Management and Palliative Care. Her program of research focuses on assisting families to live well with chronic life-limiting illness and at end of life. Recent projects have explored interventions to enhance engagement in advance care planning and in-the-moment medical decision making in cancer care. She has developed a decision support guide for family palliative caregivers that is being implemented and evaluated. Carole was the President of the International Family Nursing Association (2015-2017).


PhD, Nursing, University of Calgary
MSN, Nursing Education, University of British Columbia
BSN, University of Alberta
BSc, Biology, University of Alberta


Scholarly and Professional Activities: Areas of Special Interests and Accomplishments
Carole holds an ongoing appointment as a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Navarra in Pamplona (2014- onwards) where she works with an internationally recognized palliative research team. Carole was invited to join the team because of her expertise in relation to qualitative research and palliative care and research.

In 2010, Carole received the College of Registered Nurses Award of Distinction Nursing.

Teaching & Supervision: Areas of Special Interest and Accomplishments
Carole is an award winning teacher who teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Recent teaching includes nursing research, a senior level clinical course focused on leadership and change, and graduate courses on nursing knowledge, psycho-social oncology, and an inter-professional course on working clinically with families. Carole supervises MSN thesis students and PhD students. She has been a visiting lecturer at national and international sites including the University of McGill, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University Federal do Rio de Janeiro, the University of Sao Paulo, and the University of Navarra in Pamplona Spain.

Research Lab: Families, Caregiving, and Decision Making in Advanced Illness Research Lab

Website: Family Caregiver Decision Guide Illness ( or )

View the Decision Guide:

Populations: Approaches: Topics:
Family palliative caregivers Interpretive Description; Supporting decision making;
Cancer patients Intervention/resource development end of life; death at home
Long term care residents (knowledge translation) Advance care planning
Resource testing Transitions in care
Qualitative methods


BC Cancer Agency
CARENET (Canadian Researchers at End of Life)


Dr. Robinson is no longer supervising graduate students.

Visit Dr. Robinson’s past graduate students’ Theses & Dissertations for examples of graduate student research.

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