Student Accident Insurance

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and PhD in Nursing students are required to complete practicum and/or field work course components, which can take place within Canada or internationally. Once students enter the program, they will be required to secure student accident insurance before beginning these course components. Student accident insurance is required, and provides coverage for, all students completing practicums within Canada.

Online payment for UBC Student Accident Insurance fees, covering practicum and field work within Canada, is available here. 

Students are also eligible for WorkSafeBC coverage while completing practicums within BC, provided the practicum meets requirements as determined by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Students completing practicums outside of Canada are required to secure alternative coverage, in addition to completing a Release and Indemnity Acknowledgement form.

Note: For further information, please refer to the Program Procedure for Student Injury during Practice Experience/Insurance located on the School of Nursing website.