Marie Tarrant


School of Nursing
Other Titles: Director
Phone: 250-807-9297

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Dr. Tarrant’s program of research focuses on improving maternal and child health outcomes and has resulted in an extensive publication record on a range of subjects, including breastfeeding and maternal and childhood vaccinations. A strong focus on health promotion and disease prevention in the context of women and children’s health underpins all of Dr. Tarrant’s work. Her research has not only helped to improve health outcomes but has also impacted health service delivery for new mothers.


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PhD, Edith Cowan University
MPH, Johns Hopkins University
MN, University of Manitoba
BN, University of Lethbridge

Selected Publications & Presentations

Ngai, F. W., Wong, P. W. C., Chung, K. F., Leung, K. Y., Kwok, Y., & Tarrant, M. (2019). Randomized controlled trial of telephone-based cognitive-behavioral therapy on parenting self-efficacy and satisfaction. Translational Behavioral Medicine9(6), 1163-1168.

Hoover, C. M., Tarrant, M., Dodgson, J. E., Eden, A. R. (2019). The Journal of Human Lactation: A historical analysis. Journal of Human Lactation35(4), 750-758.

Fan, H. S. L., Wong, Y. H. J., Fong, D. Y. T., Lok, K. Y. W., & Tarrant, M. (2019). Association between early‐term birth and breastfeeding initiation, duration, and exclusivity: a systematic review. Birth46, 24-34.

Fan, H. S. L., Wong, Y. H. J., Fong, D. Y. T., Lok, K. Y. W., & Tarrant, M. (2019). Breastfeeding outcomes among early-term and full-term infants. Midwifery, 71, 71-76.

Yeung, K. H. T., Tarrant, M., Chan, C. C., Tam, W. H., & Nelson, E. A. S. (2018). Increasing influenza vaccine uptake in children: a randomised controlled trial. Vaccine36, 5524–5535.

Lok, K. Y. W., Wang, M. P., Chan, V. H. S., & Tarrant, M. (2018). The effect of secondary cigarette smoke from household members on breastfeeding duration: A prospective cohort study. Breastfeeding Medicine13(6), 412-417.

Lau, Y. K. C., Lok, K. Y. W., & Tarrant, M. (2018). Breastfeeding duration and the Theory of Planned Behavior and Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Framework: a systematic review of observational studies. Maternal and Child Health, 22(3), 327-342.

Lok, K. Y. W., Bai, D. L., Chan, N. P. T., Wong, J. Y. H., & Tarrant, M. (2018). The impact of immigration on the breastfeeding practices of Mainland Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong. Birth, 45(1), 94-102.

Chan, N. P. T., Tarrant, M., Ngan, E., So, H. K., Lok, K. L., Nelson, E. A. (2018). Agreement between self-/home-measured and assessor-measured waist circumference at three sites in adolescents/children. PLoS One, 13(3): e0193355.

Lok, K. Y. W., Bai, D. L., & Tarrant, M. (2017). The relationship between infant feeding preferences of family members and intention to exclusively breastfeed among Chinese mothers. Midwifery53, 49-54.

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Bai, D. L., Fong, D. Y. T., Lok, K. Y. W., Wong, J. Y. H., & Tarrant, M. (2017). Practices, predictors and consequences of breast milk expression in mothers of full-term healthy infants. Public Health Nutrition, 20(3), 492-503.

Lau, Y. K. C., Fong, D. Y. T., Sing, C., Ng, J., Choi, A. Y. Y., & Tarrant, M. (2017). Development and validation of the Breastfeeding Self-Regulation Questionnaire (BRSQ). Midwifery, 44, 24-34.

Wong, W. Y. V., Fong, D. Y. T., Lok, K. Y. W., Wong, J. Y. H., Sing, C., Choi, A. Y. Y., Yuen, C. Y. S., & Tarrant, M. (2016). Brief education to increase uptake of influenza vaccine among pregnant women: A randomized controlled trial. Vaccine, 34(44), 5243-5250.

Bai, D. L., Fong, D. Y. T., Lok, K. Y. W., & Tarrant, M. (2016). The relationship between the breastfeeding preferences of Chinese mothers’ immediate social network and early breastfeeding cessation. Journal of Human Lactation, 32, 301-308.

Tarrant, M., Lok, K. Y. W., Fong, D. Y. T., Wu, K. M., Lee, L. Y. I., Sham, A., Lam, C., Bai, D. L., Wong, H. K. L., Wong, E. M. Y., Chan, N. P. T., & Dodgson, J. E. (2016).  Effect on Baby-Friendly hospital steps when hospitals implement a policy to pay for infant formula. Journal of Human Lactation32, 238-249.

Yuen, C. Y. S., Dodgson, J. E., & Tarrant, M. (2016). Perceptions of Chinese pregnant women toward influenza vaccination during pregnancy. Vaccine34(1), 33-40.

Wong, W. Y. V., Lok, K. Y. W., & Tarrant, M. (2016). Interventions to increase the uptake of seasonal influenza vaccination among pregnant women: A systematic review. Vaccine34(1), 20-32.

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