Marie Tarrant, RN, MPH, PhD

(She, Her, Hers)


Faculty of Health and Social Development
Other Titles: Professor
Office: ARTS 360
Phone: 250-807-9297

Graduate student supervisor

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Research Summary

Maternal and Child Health; Breastfeeding; Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative; Maternal and Childhood Vaccine Uptake; Influenza Vaccine

Courses & Teaching

Doctoral Seminar NRSG 601


Dr. Marie Tarrant is a Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus. She has worked as a Registered Nurse in rural and remote areas of Canada as a community and public health nurse. Dr. Tarrant’s research is in maternal and child health, with a focus on breastfeeding, the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, and maternal and childhood vaccinations. Study methodologies include large longitudinal cohort studies, population-based cross-sectional studies, and randomized controlled trials. The goal of Dr. Tarrant’s research is to improve maternal and child health outcomes, inform public health policies and transform perinatal healthcare services. Dr. Tarrant has co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications that appear in high-impact maternal and child health and public health journals.

Dr. Tarrant is the lead investigator at the UBC Okanagan’s School of Nursing Maternal and Child Health Lab and is a frequently cited UBC expert on maternal and child health, breastfeeding, influenza vaccine in pregnancy, and childhood vaccinations. In addition to her maternal and child health research, Dr. Tarrant has been the Director of the School of Nursing since 2016. Prior to coming to UBC, she worked in the School of Nursing at the University of Hong Kong for 18 years.


Google Scholar Profile

Click here for a list of publications indexed in PubMed:   pubmed-240x115



PhD, Edith Cowan University
MPH, Johns Hopkins University
MN, University of Manitoba
BN, University of Lethbridge

Research Interests & Projects

Vaccine hesitancy in BC: Understanding COVID-19 vaccine perceptions during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and parenthood (funded by Genome BC, the MSFHR, and the BCCDC Foundation).

A systems change project to improve breastfeeding (funded by the Vancouver Foundation)

Assessing attitudes, barriers, and opportunities for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination (HPVV) to inform, develop, implement, and evaluate a culturally appropriate program for increasing utilization and addressing vaccination hesitancy in Arctic Canadian Indigenous communities (funded by CIHR).

The effect of feeding methods on intestinal microbiota of healthy Chinese infants (funded by Health and Medical Research Fund, Food and Health Bureau, Hong Kong SAR).

Selected Publications & Presentations

(Post-graduate students/research trainees underlined, *indicates senior and/or corresponding author)

Fan, S. L. H., Fong, D. Y. T., Lok, K. Y. W., & Tarrant, M. (2023, in press). A qualitative exploration of the reasons for expressed human milk feeding as informed by self-efficacy theory applied to breastfeeding. Journal of Human Lactation,

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