Charlene Strumpel

Associate Professor of Teaching

School of Nursing
Other Titles: Year 2 (acute care) Team Leader
Office: ART 167
Phone: 250.807.8173

Courses & Teaching

I primarily teach in the acute care portion of the second year of the BSN program, in which students are introduced to the fundamentals of caring for clients in a medical or surgical setting. I generally teach:
NRSG 226 Health and Healing II
NRSG 227 Health and Healing III
These two theory courses focus on evidence-informed assessment and management of health challenges. I also teach some sections of:
NRSG 236 Nursing Practice II
NRSG 237 Nursing Practice III
These practice courses utilize an Intentional Learning framework to support students to integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities in the clinical practice setting.


After graduating from the BSN program at OUC in 2001, I was hired to work as a Registered Nurse at Kelowna General Hospital. During my time at KGH, I mainly worked as a surgical nurse, as well as on the cardiac (medical) unit.

Very soon, I learned that I had a passion for teaching and mentoring nursing students and new graduates, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take on the role of a clinical teacher for Okanagan University College. Over the years, as I have continued my education, and as OUC transitioned into UBC, I feel privileged to have taken on greater teaching and leadership responsibilities in our School of Nursing. I greatly enjoy the combination of classroom and clinical practice courses that I teach, and I believe that they complement each other well, as preparing for my theory course keeps me current with evidence-based practices, and my clinical courses help to keep me current in the practice setting.

As the Year 2 (acute) Team Leader, I have the opportunity to support and mentor the new teachers that join our team each year, and strive to help them succeed in their role to support and educate our students.


BSN Okanagan University College 2001
MSN University of British Columbia 2012

Research Interests & Projects

I’m interested in a variety of topics that enhance the learning experience for students. One of the initiatives that I helped introduce to our School of Nursing several years ago was Team-Based Learning (TBL). This initiative then led me to the focus of my MSN major paper, to learn more about effective methods for student peer assessment in the TBL classroom.

Another interest of mine is in how technology can be used to effectively to support learning. Even before the pandemic forced us to jump feet-first into online learning, I have often been an early-adopter of technologies to enhance the learning experience, including use of classroom response systems (e.g. clickers), recorded lectures to permit asynchronous learning, development of computerized quizzes/exams, video-recorded student assignments, and video-based quizzes… and I’ve been an advocate for critically evaluating those technologies, to keep what works well, and let go of those that don’t actually enhance learning.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Andersen, E., Strumpel, C., Fensom, I., & Andrews, W. (2011). Implementing team based learning in large classes: Nurse educators’ experiences. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 8(1), 1-16. doi: 10.2202/1548-923X.2197

Strumpel, C., & Fensom, I. (2011, March). Implementing Team Based Learning in Large Classes: Nurse Educators’ Experiences. Poster presentation at the Team Based Learning Collaborative, Las Vegas, NV.

Strumpel, C. (2012). Peer assessment in the team-based learning classroom. cIRcle: UBC’s Digital Repository: UBC Graduate Research. Available at

Strumpel, C. (2013, September). Grading rubrics. Oral presentation at the UBCO School of Nursing Teacher Development Day, Kelowna BC.

Strumpel, C. (2014, April). Using lecture capture technology to support intentional learning in clinical practice or the classroom. Oral presentation at the UBCO School of Nursing Intentional Learning Conference, Kelowna BC.

Strumpel, C. (2015, May). High stakes online Exams: Living dangerously. Oral presentation at the UBC Okanagan 11th Annual Learning Conference, Kelowna, BC.

Strumpel, C. & Kelley, A. (2018, May). A touch of CLAS: Learning through formative feedback. Oral presentation at the UBCO Annual Learning Conference, Kelowna BC.

Strumpel, C. (2019, May). Promoting student engagement with classroom response systems. Western Canada Health Science Educators Conference, Kelowna BC.

Strumpel, C. (2019, May). Using Kaltura in the classroom. Technology in the classroom workshop, Kelowna BC.

Selected Grants & Awards

2016 – “I am Accessible” Award, UBC Okanagan Disability Resource Centre (in recognition of exceptional contributions to academic life at UBC’s Okanagan campus)

2020 – UBCO Golden Apple Award for Creating a Safe Classroom Environment

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives


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